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    Sex workers vs. Spitzer (The American Prospect)

    Better Treatment of Trans Women by Philly Police Could Have Averted Brutal Murder, Says Activist (In These Times)

    Sex Workers Rise Up After Fatal Stabbings (In These Times)

    Supreme Court Strikes Down Anti-Prostitution Pledge for US Groups (The Nation)

    How the Anti-Prostitution Pledge Hinders AIDS Prevention (The Nation)

    Ending Prostitution ‘Central’ to Ending AIDS, US Tells Supreme Court (The Nation)

    Anti-Prostitution Pledge Heads to Supreme Court (The Nation)

    The War on Sex Workers (Reason)

    Girl Geeks and Boy Kings (Dissent)

    Happy Hookers (Jacobin)

    Anarchopanda Hugs the Front Lines of Montreal Student Protests (Wired)

    Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” campaign holds little for most women (Washington Post)

    Who speaks for women who work in the adult industry? (The Guardian, UK)

    Organized Labor’s Newest Heroes: Strippers (The Atlantic)

    AIDS Isn’t Just a Public Health Issue, It’s an Injustice (The Nation)

    Protest Greets the International AIDS Conference in DC (The Nation)

    Having AIDS Is Not a Crime: A DC March Demands an End to Discriminatory Police Tactics (The Nation)

    When Prostitution Wasn’t a Crime: The Fascinating History of Sex Work in America (AlterNet)

    The truth about trafficking: it’s not just about sexual exploitation (The Guardian, UK)

    Socialize Backpage (Jacobin)

    California’s Prop 35: A Misguided Ballot Initiative Targeting the Wrong People for the Wrong Reasons (RH Reality Check)

    Hey Ho! Backpage Protesters Hit Village Voice on the Hottest Day of the Year (The New York Observer/Betabeat)

    Why is Facebook Protecting Pro Rape Language and Abuse of Women? (AlterNet)

    Making Safer Spaces: Occupy Wall Street Addresses Questions of Security at Zuccotti Park (AlterNet)

    She Was A Camera (Rhizome)

    Occupy Wall Street’s Web Team Finds Anarchy Ain’t Easy (The New York Observer/Betabeat)

    'Men buy girls, not sex' and other myths of anti-prostitution moralists (The Guardian, UK)

    Rape Charges, Libel Suits, Hooker Headlines: The Trial By Media of Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s Accusers (AlterNet)

    The Long Island Women’s Real Killer (The Guardian, UK)

    Whores and Other Hackers ($pread)

    The Craigslist Sex Panic: How shutting down its’ erotic services section hurts prostitutes and cops (Slate)

    Demanding Sasha Grey’s “Girlfriend Experience” (BlackBook)

    The Boy Next Door (San Francisco Bay Guardian)

    How everyone ruined the internet (Valleywag)

    Zivity sparks Girl Geek porn panic (Valleywag)

    Five reasons women really do need to get off the internet (Valleywag)

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